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Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade 1 Litre

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Aseptic Food grade FG-H202. Aseptic means free of pathogenic micro-organisms or sterile, used during the production and packaging of foods like milk, cheese, eggs, wine, poultry, meat and whey-containing products also widely used as a natural sanitiser in industry.
H202 is a natural chemical and is extremely safe for the environment. (Contains only water and oxygen)
Great addition to your armour for both human and animal health, sanitizing stockyards, stables, dog kennels, aviaries, aquariums, fishponds etc. Sanitize Your Kitchen, laundry and toilet surfaces, home and garden care, further whiten your white laundry. Keep your fruit and vegies fresh
Kill bacteria and viruses on fish chicken and other meat.
Home brewers. Never have another brewing failure sanitize all your gear by spraying with a 3% solution after washing.

FG-H202 is a anti-bacterial, anti-fungal product that is natural and safe for the environment and is easily diluted to 3%, which is the most commonly used strength by diluting one part of 35% H202 to eleven parts of distilled water.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection and deodorization of drinking water, swimming pools and spas. 450mls to 900mls will treat 10,000L of water.

We also have to ship Hydrogen Peroxide under dangerous goods ticket and have to use couriers accordingly, can’t be sent to PO boxes.


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